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Who we are (Since 2001)

CJR (Ideas for Education), a college guidance service centre based in Hong Kong, was founded in 2001 by Dr. Wing CHENG. It is the only education consultant centre in Hong Kong that is developed and managed directly by an educator with a Ph.D. in International Education.

Dr. Wing CHENG CJR's chief consultant, holds a BA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, an MA from McGill, and a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta, Canada. His specialization is in Comparative and International Education.

What we do

  • Use the most up-to-date and objective information to select schools for students;
  • Help them to apply to schools that will realize their potential;
  • Care about our students' future and help them develop confidence to take on challenges while studying abroad;
  • Take extra measures to ensure that our students arrive in a foreign country safe and sound.

For markets in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, this will give the school 1) writeup in both Chinese and English, and 2) a link to your school's official website

Fee: (1) US $30 setup fee once for all (2) US $100 advertising and maintainance fee each year (Sign up)

2. Education Fairs

CJR participates in education expos and events in Hong Kong and Macau year round. Many partner schools have collaborated with CJR in the past, using CJR's established image as a translation and cultural bridge between parents and students. It works out very well for the partner schools.

2013 CJR Booth
2013 Seattle Colleges
2013 Comox
2013 Tasmania

CJR Partner Schools booking and comment for HKTDC Annual Education Fairs



Participating Schools


High School
(Booth 1)

Foundation / A-level
(Booth 2)

Community College / Uni
(Booth 3)





Seattle Community Colleges (US)






Everett Community College (US)



Jan 31(Thur)-
Feb 3 (Sun)

Comox (BC,Canada)

Tasmania (Australia)

Seattle Community Colleges (US)

Excellent! Worth it!


Feb 9-12

St James
School Division (CA)

Sherborne International
College (UK)

Everett Community College(US)

School Comments: Excellent! Worth it!


Feb 17-20

Eltham College (AU)

Itchen College (UK)

Highline Community College(US)

School Comments: Worth it! Worth it!

Worth it, I was able to speak to about
40-50 candidates/ parents of candidates
at this fair


Feb 4-7


Itchen College (UK)

Highline Community College(US)

School Comments: Worth it! Worth it!
Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Website

3. CJR Guide To Overseas Education (CJR-GTOE)

One way is to advertise in our "Guide To Overseas Education". With a new edition printed yearly and a distribution of 15,000 copies to target markets, the Guidebook consists of a breakdown of each country's education system and descriptions of our partner schools. The manual is a useful guide to students and parents hoping to learn more about studying abroad. (Details: CJR-GTOE details samples)

4. Newspaper Advertising

CJR's marketing department produces advertisements in Chinese newspapers regularly. CJR can also help schools to run their separate advertisements in Hong Kong newspaper. (See samples and contact CJR)


5. Recruiting Seminars

CJR's offices provide a prime facility for holding recruiting seminars. Schools can hold information sessions at CJR with the help of our presentation room with seating up to 60, projection screen for PowerPoint presentations and independent examination rooms. Usually the service is free of charge to the partner school.

Recommended time for recruiting seminar:

  • Monday to Friday: 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
  • Saturday: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

(Sign up)

CJR's Other Information

CJR Education's central office is now conveniently located in a 1,300 square-foot office right at the Prince Edward MTR Station Exit E. The CJR office features also:

  • I-TOEFL test facilities, with testing approved and independently marked by the Institute of International Education.
  • iTEP test facilities, with testing approved and independently marked by Boston Educational Services.
  • IBT-TOEFL training classes,
  • DVD, VCD, PowerPoint and internet access capabilities

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Examination rooms

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Seminar room

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LCD projector

Marketing with CJR benefits

We can help you create a wealth of favourable publicity for your school in the Hong Kong, Macau and China markets. Furthermore, our presence greatly facilitates the application process by ensuring that submitted applications are accurate and complete.

Working with CJR does not indicate an exclusive engagement with our company. If you need to or will conduct other recruiting activities besides this project in Hong Kong, macau and China, please feel free to do so. We are here to offer assistance in the most pertinent manner possible.

Market Survey

If you are interested in working with CJR (Education), please sumbit the form below.

Hong Kong and its Education System

From kindergarten school onwards, students are ranked according to their performance in exams, forcing students to pound the books and affording little in the way of creativity and a genuine love of learning. Adding to the stress, Cantonese is the language of instruction in some schools, English in others. In Form 4 (Grade 10), students must choose between the Science or Art streams, with only higher scoring students being allowed to choose Science. The final straw for many students is the limited number of local university capacity. Many intelligent but frustrated are left looking for other options.

Many hope that in 2009, the implementation of the 6-3-3 education system similar to that used in North America, Japan, Taiwan, China etc. will bring about a new era of favourable changes. Improvements have yet to be seen.

Enrolled in extracurricular activities and tutoring classes from a young age, Hong Kong students are a capable and well-rounded group. Though often given free reign in choosing career paths, cultural pressures still remain, with precedence to Accounting and Business programs. Obtaining an undergraduate degree has become a requisite in Hong Kong as much as throughout the western world.

Hong Kong students are often shy and withdrawn at first, sometimes suffering homesickness. After a period of adaptation however, students thrive, eager to make friends and take part in activities, though occasionally they congregate together when given the comfort of speaking their native language again. They are cooperative and rarely confrontational.

The Education in Macao

Most of the schools in Macau are private or subsidized schools. There are only a few government or public schools. A basic ten-year education is necessary, free and offered to those students who have been enrolled in government schools. Most of the schools in Macau are called "grammar schools" which offer language learning, mathematic, science subjects, social studies, etc. to the students. There are some vocational schools, too.

Systems of Education

Schools in Macao do not all have the same education system. There are three different types of education system: the Chinese educational system, the English educational system, and the Portuguese educational system.

Chinese education system

In those schools adopting the Chinese educational system, students attend six years of schooling for their primary education, up to primary 6, three years for junior secondary school education, and two years for senior high school education up to Form 5, and some schools up to Form 6. In their senior secondary school years, students are required to choose a stream in science, commerce, or arts.

English education system

In those schools adopting the English educational system, students attend six years of schooling for their primary school education, three years for junior secondary school education, two years for senior secondary school education, and one to two years for their matriculation. Students in their senior secondary school years are required to choose stream in science, commerce, or arts. Furthermore, after the completion of their secondary school education, students are required to sit for the General Certificate Examination (GCE) directed by different educational boards, such as the Edexcel and the CIE.

Portuguese educational system

In those schools adopting the Portuguese educational system, students attend four years of basic education, five years of junior secondary school education, and three years of senior school education. Portuguese is used as a medium of instruction for most of the subjects. In recent years, English learning has been put into more focus. Moreover, with the return of Macau to China, the Portuguese schools, which originally strictly followed the curricula of the Portuguese educational system, plan to reform their curricula and conjoin Mandarin learning as a compulsory subject into their curricula.